The Emily Askew Band

Emily Askew/Askew Music EA001

£13 inc. p&p (UK)

"A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination."

An exploration of folk and early music, and what can happen when you remove the boundaries between the two and look upon them with fresh eyes.

"This is a powerful and dramatic boundless Folk and music from a period that may have been lost to time but instead is made giant and beautiful. A brilliant debut, Alchemy is the potion and desire made authentic. 9/10" Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Alchemy brings to life music that might otherwise remain largely forgotten, reveals the depths that lie beneath the surface and truly does provide 'balm for the soul'." Tim Carroll -

Sample tracks...

Dame Jolie

Miri it is

Allez à la Fougère

C'est la fins

The ALCHEMY Tune & Song Book

Medieval and Renaissance Tune and Song Book

The Emily Askew Band

£11 inc. p&p (UK)

The Artisans

A musical tour of Medieval Europe.

Emily Askew: Vielle, Bagpipes, Recorders Hazel Askew: Voice, Harp Matt Robinson: Voice, Lute, Oud Sarah Stuart: Percussion

£11.50 inc. p&p (UK)

In the Air or the Earth

The Askew Sisters

RootBeat Records: RBRCD20 (2014)

£12.00 inc p&p UK

Winner of the Spiral Earth Award for Best Traditional Album 2015.

Through Lonesome Woods

The Askew Sisters

WGS372CD (2010): £10.00 inc p&p UK

"...'Through Lonesome Woods' cements The Askew Sisters' reputation as shining stars on the British folk scene." Mary Stokes